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Ref : Dr.YSRAFU/Exams/Semester – I Fee/2021 – 1

For announcement of exams with late fee and with out late fee.

First Semester B.Arch / B.Tech(DTDP) / B.Design /B.F.A (Applied Art)/B.F.A (Photography)/B.F.A (Animation)/B.F.A ( Painting ) are to be informed to enroll for the First Semester Exam, by paying fee on or before 07-09-2021.
Examination Registration Last Date Examination Fee
Examination Fee 07.09.2021 Rs.1850/-
With Late Fee of RS. 600/- 08.09.2021 TO 15.09.2021 Rs. 2450/-
With Late Fee of Rs. 1000/- 16.09.2021 TO 22.09.2021 Rs. 2850/-
Kindly adhere to the above said schedule to the Account Number .
Canara Bank Account Number – 5729101008915
IFSC Code – CNRB0005729
Sd/- Controller of Examinations
Note :

(a) The exact date and Mode of Examination (Online (or) Offline) shall be informed atleast one
week in advance before commencement of First Semester Examination following the Covid

(b) The tentative schedule of exam of First Semester exam shall be 2nd week of September.