As per University Grants Commission (UGC), The academic calendar for the first year students commence from 01.11.2020 for first year students. Accordingly, the following

Calendar is suggested for the academic session 2020-2021

Admission Process(To be completed) 31.10.2020
Commencement of Classes of above students Fresh batch (First Semester / Year) 01.11.2020*
Preparatory Break 01.03.2021 to 07.03.2021
Conduct of Examinations 08.03.2021 to 26.03.2021
Semester Break 27.03.2021 to 04.04.2021
Commencement of Classes for Even Semester 5.04.2021
Preparatory Break 01.08.2021 to 08.08.2021
Conduct of Examinations 09.08.2021 to 21.08.2021
Semester Break 22.08.2021 to 29.08.2021
Commencement of Next Academic Session for this batch 30.08.2021