The academic program consists of four years degree program leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), in Art History visual studies. The academic program consists of 8 semesters. The Art History program offers students an opportunity to consider, in a cultural context, both Western and non-Western artistic traditions with an emphasis on the former from the Pre Historic to the present. While all courses acknowledge methodological issues, the program also offers courses in art theory and criticism at the second- and third-year levels. Students enrolled in this program to broaden their knowledge of art production with studio electives.

Program Details

The Art History course emphasizes a deep conceptual understanding of art historical concepts. Students will develop the essential skills of visual and contextual analysis. By examining works of art from diverse cultures and the relationships among these works, students develop an understanding of global artistic traditions. Students analyze works of art in their contexts, considering issues of patronage, gender, politics, religion, and ethnicity. The interpretation of the work of art is based upon its intended use, audience, and the role of the artist and the work of art in its particular society. Students will expand their knowledge in history of arts.

Art history teaches students to analyze the visual, sensual evidence to be found in diverse works of art, painting, sculpture, architecture, applied art, photography, and design in combination with textual evidence. By honing skills of close looking, description, and the judicious use of historical sources, art history offers tools and vocabulary for interpreting the wealth of visual culture that surrounds us, as well as building a historically grounded understanding of artistic production in varied social and cultural contexts.

They also have the option to become entrepreneurs. The department organizes annual shows, seminars and workshops at national and international level where the students participate to display their creativity and aesthetics.

Job opportunities

Art History graduates employment sources: This professional Degree can be provided wide range of opportunities for the graduated students in terms of sourcing form government and private sector, Such as

  • Art curator
  • Academician/Teacher
  • Museum Administrator/Director
  • Conservator/Art Restorer
  • Art Authenticator
  • Art Librarian/ Visual Resource curator
  • Art Publishing
  • Auctioneer
  • Art Historian
  • Commercial art gallery manager
  • Museum/gallery exhibition officer
  • Arts administrator
  • Archivist
  • Further education teacher
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Tourism Department’s Guide
  • Researcher
  • Art directors
  • Art exhibit installer
  • Art insurance adjustor
  • Art economist
  • Architectural conservator
  • Art collector
  • State art agency director/staff member
  • Heritage manager

Further Studies

The BFA degree in Art History can lead to many paths to study post graduate programs such as:

  • MFA in Art History
  • MA in Museum Studies
  • MA in Aesthetics and Art Theory
  • MA in History and Philosophy of Art
  • MFA in Sculpture
  • MA in Contemporary Art Practice
  • MFA in Painting
  • MA in History of Art and Cultural Studies
  • MFA in Printmaking
  • MFA in Applied Art