The aim of the library is to provide the right environment and appropriate facilities and services to support high quality learning.

Dr. YSR Architecture and Fine Arts University’s Library is the soul of the University. It is designed to acquire, preserves and disseminate information to the user community with the motto of empowering knowledge. It has an extensive collection of books, reference materials for satisfying the academic and research needs of the students and faculty. The Library consists of a Reference Section, Circulation Section, and Periodical Section with fully automated library activities to provide effective and wide range of academic resources such as books, journals and online databases. The University always encourages students and faculty to recommend new books in order to strengthen their collection.

The library provides a useful collection of learning materials, access to computerized information sources and audio/visual learning facilities.

  • i. Reference Service & Assistance
  • ii. Photocopy Services
  • iii. Multimedia Resources
  • iv. On-line Databases

The Library will be fully automated and students can search the books online with the preferences of Authors and book titles. They can Log in to the Library web page with the Students unique ID and mark the required book for a period of not more than 7 days. After marking the book for the required dates, the students should be present physically and lease out the book with their Identity.

Working Hours

Students can access the Library from 9 am to 5 pm in weekdays. The Library will remain closed on Sundays and holidays.

SPA Library

The School of Planning and Architecture library is a place where versatile collection of Architectural, Planning, designing and other sources of Technological information are stored. They make it easier for students and staff members to get access to them for attaining knowledge with different sources of materials. These include books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, manuscripts and more.

Our holdings specialize in modern and contemporary architecture and design, the history and theory of architecture, urban studies, landscape architecture, preservation, and city planning. The collection constitutes approximately 10,000 volumes. The library is designed to subscribe to more than 1000 domestic and foreign periodicals, publications and has a growing collection of rare materials as well as a video collection. The video collection focuses broadly on Architectural Designs, Techniques, Planning and Implementation

CFA Library

The Fine Arts Library is a key resource that provides facilities for individual study, research and a collection of materials. The library’s collection comprises approximately 10000 literacy including books, journals, exhibition catalogues and visual media. Our collection includes history of the arts with a particular focus on modern and contemporary artists and movements. The collection includes books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, Journals, etc.

Our Collection of books mainly consists of works on Applied Art, Sculpture’s, Painting, Animation and Photography. There is lot of research materials available in both print and Audio-Visual form. The students will have access to a variety of collections from the History to the latest technology used in the field of art.

Internet Facility

Students can also use computer systems with Internet facility to study online and can mail the material to their respective email id’s. All types of external storage devices need to be strictly avoided in the Library premises and if found will be seized by the Library administration.

Membership fee

The following persons belonging to the University are eligible for lending the books. The mandatory deposit amount, issue of books limit and duration of the lease will be as follows:

Description Deposit PA Number of books that can be borrowed Number of daysthat can be borrowed
Professors 2 20
Associate Professors 1 15
Assistant Professors 1 10
Academic Assistants 2000 1 7
Students of all courses 1500 1 7
Ph.D. Research Scholars (Full-Time) 1500 1 7
Ph.D. Research Scholars (Part-Time) 5000 1 7
Other Staff 5000 1 7

Note: users must register online by submitting Library Membership Application Form.

The University Library & Information center offers membership to the students, Researchers, Academicians, Practicing Architects, Business Industry, Entrepreneurs, Government & Corporate Organizations etc. on payment of nominal service charges as given below:

Category of Membership
Service Charges for
One Day Rs. One Week Rs. One Month Rs. Three Months Rs. Six Months Rs. One Year Rs. Three Years Rs.
Individual Membership
50 200 500 1,200 2,000 3,000 8,000
100 400 1,000 2,000 3,500 5,000 12,000
Institutional Membership (For a Maximum of 5 Members only)
Govt. Institutions
10,000 25,000
Corporate Membership
25,000 60,000

Online Registrations

Rules and regulations

  • 1. Always carry your Identity card to access the Library and its resources.
  • 2. Choose the appropriate zone for your studies. You will be asked to move or leave if your behaviour disturbs others.
  • 3. Only take resources out of the Library that you have borrowed. Remember to return them on time to avoid late fees.
  • 4. Usage of computer systems are for academic use only and must not be used for any commercial purpose.
  • 5. The Library is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged on Library premises.
  • 6. Photography and recording are not allowed on Library premises without prior permission.
  • 7. Late fee per book will be charged @ Rs. 50 per day.
  • 8. If the book is lost, then it has to be replaced by the same book or double thebook amount will be charged to the borrower.
  • 9. No dues certificate from the librarian is mandatory while leaving the University.


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