Bhavani Amudha

Academic Consultant

  • Bachelor in Architecture
  • Masters in Interior Design
  • Redefining the purpose of Tibetian Arts and Crafts in Interiors
    (Paper published in JETIR August 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8)
  • Workshop Attended in Laurie Baker Centre, Kerela. Worked for Laurie Baker Trophy from SPA-JNAFAU, NASA-2017
  • Registered as practicing Architect in Council of Architecture with registration no CA/2019/117988
  • Worked in Timsy Studios
    2 years field experience in Residential projects, Interior designs of
    Residences and Commercial Retail Shops.
  • Minimalistic Design approach (less is more), Usage of Arts and crafts in Interiors, Building technologies to achieve Sustainable Design, Buddhist Art and Architecture, Space Planning , Vernacular Architecture, Transformation of Built forms.